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 Suzie Paints Services 

cute teal paintbrush Since every space requires a different amount of care, we do not 'ballpark' bids over the phone or without seeing the space to be painted.
We offer free estimates and are more than happy to come out, see your project, and talk about what you have in mind,
however we must see the space to accurately estimate a price for you. cute teal brush
Call Suzie to schedule your free estimate: 636.349.2966

 Interior Painting 

Most of the painting we're hired to do is the standard interior painting from freshening up a room or ceilings to replacing your old colors with something new. We can paint as much or as little as you want- from your whole house interior to just a front door or ceilings in a couple of rooms.

With a signed contract we offer free color consultations before we start your job if you need a bit of help narrowing down the colors you want or are thinking of accenting a wall or other design features in your room like alcoves, bay windows, or coffer ceilings.


 Faux Finishes 

We offer a wide variety of faux finishes for you to add creativity and personality to your space. You get to pick your design and your colors so your faux finish is always unique and goes well with the decorations and furniture you already have. We always make a sample board for you to actually see what your faux will look like in your colors before we ever create it on your walls so you have the opportunity to change something that's not quite right.

We recommend using faux finishes instead of wallpaper for a number of reasons and you can find them by clicking HERE along with more information about faux finishes in general.

 Business Painting 

We do interior painting for businesses as well as residential homes. Lobbies and bathrooms are great spaces to keep up and nicely painted to give your business that extra shine! These spaces are also ideal for a faux finish to give your business a bit of zip and also help cover up some of the use and damage the general public might inflict on your walls.

We negotiate case-by-case the best times for us to get in your space so we don't hinder your ability to conduct business while your spaces are being painted!

 Exterior Doors 

It's especially important for you to have a NEW DOOR painted as soon as possible after it's installed so the door itself is protected from the sun and weather! 

New doors usually come with a painting/staining requirement where you have 30-90 days to get the door 'protected' or you lose any warranty from the manufacturer.

You may go in your home through a back door or garage door, but keep an eye on your front door because THAT is what guests see and have time to criticize while they wait for you to answer the door!

 Minor Drywall Repair & Wallpaper Removal 

When we're hired to paint a room, we can take care of minor drywall repair like door knob holes in walls or patching old receptacle or switch holes where the electrical stuff has been moved. We also fix old curtain rod holes and wall or ceiling cracks.

We do some wallpaper removal but it is always on a case-by-case basis.  We have to come out and look at the wallpaper you want removed before we can say if we'll do it. The most important part to remember with wallpaper is that we cannot see what the wall condition is through the paper and there is no way to estimate the level of wall-damage removing the paper will cause.

 We DO NOT remove wallpaper in areas over 10ft tall without prior negotiation.

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