We're talented, quick, and considerate!

     When you book a Suzie Paints Experience you're not merely buying a paint job, you're getting a happy, home-decor experience fine-tuned by over 30 years focused on serving our customers' painting needs.  Everything we do is with the expectation of leaving your project looking its best and continuing to bring you joy long after we leave.

     "With a Woman's Touch" says it all really. Here at Suzie Paints, being professional isn't enough- it's only the starting point for creating an amazing painting experience for our clients. We strive to give you so much more than mere professionalism. Consideration for your time, commitments, and family are very important to us, so we try our best to work around your schedule. We're on time for our appointments or we're calling ahead and will be there shortly. If you have children, we try to minimize our disruption of their lives by leaving before the younger ones get home from school and making sure we're not interfering in after-school routines and family-time by staying late.

 Your family-time is as important to us as it is to you! 

     When you choose Suzie Paints, we're painting for you! Both helping you pick just the right color and making sample boards of your faux before it goes on the wall are part of The Suzie Paints Experience. We are constantly striving to help you get exactly the look you want and to make your experience with us as happy, quick, and hassle-free as possible. While we showcase our Faux Finishes because they're unique, most of our work is regular painting. We can paint as much or as little as you want- from your whole house interior to just a front door or ceilings in a couple of rooms.

  We love to educate our clients so they can get the most value out of their Suzie Paints Experience! 

    Every job begins with a free, on-site estimate where we discuss what you want and get a feel for what you are envisioning for your project. We always work 'by the job' rather than 'by the hour' so you have a good idea of what your project will cost up front. We paint at your house like we would paint at ours which means we value your things like they were our own and we always use drop clothes because we don't believe in 'dripless' paint.

We do our best to keep our mess contained while we are in your home and cleaned up when we leave.
    We operate on the principle that if we made the mess we should be the ones to clean it up!

 We want you to feel comfortable and confident that your trust is well-placed in Suzie Paints! 

Suzie Paints proudly serves the south and west St. Louis Metro areas! If you're local and looking for a great painter, book your paint project with Suzie Paints by leaving a message at our office:   636-349-2966   

We gladly provide a list of references upon request and please take a moment to read some Customer Satisfaction notes here.

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