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Suzie Paints Services: Interior Painting

You'd be surprised how much of a difference a fresh coat of paint can make!

What a difference paint can make!
Most of our jobs are standard painting like changing wall colors & freshening up ceilings, trim or doors. It's easy to give your space a whole new feel with a simple change in color.

We can paint as much or as little as you want- from your whole house interior to just a front door or ceilings in a couple of rooms.

What a difference a little paint can

We offer the occasional design suggestion if something stands out at us-
but it's always merely a suggestion with no pressure!

showing off some cool architecture in
                          this home!
With a signed contract we offer free color consultations before we start your job if you need a bit of help narrowing down the colors you want.

We can also help you with paint design styles like faux finishes or accent areas but ultimately, it is all about what YOU like & want. We want you to be totally blissfully happy over your Suzie Paints Experience.
Fleur de
                          lis faux bathroom by suzie paints

Our attention to detail means you don't have to come home and clean up after us-
We made the mess, we clean it up!

                          cover everything when we do messy work!
We care
                          for your stuff the whole time we are in your

We take caring for your things while we are in your home very seriously so we not only cover things to keep the paint from splattering on it, but we also cover things to protect them from the dust we make when we do a lot of sanding!

We close doors, plastic off open casings, book cases and cabinets and even create a small plastic room around the repair areas if necessary to keep the dust floating around your home to an absolute minimum!

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