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Suzie Paints Services: Business Painting

Businesses, like homes, do better when they look their best and make people feel welcome.

creative faux dots by Suzie Paints in a
                          dentist's lobby. The lobby is the first thing people see when they come to your business, as well as where they spend the most down-time waiting to be helped, so a nice-looking lobby will immediately help your business make the best first impression it can.

You may not notice how old and used your lobby looks with scratch marks on the wall from the chairs, but your customers will. They will definitely criticize your ability to provide good service if you can't even keep your lobby looking nice.
a bit of freshening up at Traffic Control
                          by suzie paints.

We negotiate case-by-case the best times for us to get in your space
so we don't hinder your ability to conduct business while your spaces are being painted!

Faux finish accent wall in a tanning
                            salon by Suzie Paints.
Accent walls are a great way for businesses to show some personality and help their customers have a great experience with your company.  Office walls your customers stare at a lot, like the ones behind your employees at the checkout or in your sales offices, are ideal for faux finishing because they give your customers something fun to look at while while waiting for your employees to pull up their accounts, make changes etc.
Faux Finish accent wall in a tanning
                            salon by Suzie Paints

People like doing business with people and companies that make

the customers feel comfortable and cared-for.

faux finish in the men's bathroom at
                            PRP Wine International by Suzie Paints.
Bathrooms are another place people have time to look around and make judgements about your business and they are also another place business people often forget to keep up.

Faux finishes, like the ones in these bathrooms, not only give your customers a good impression when they walk in but the finishes also help minimize minor damage or other imperfections in your walls.
faux finish in the women's bathroom at
                            PRP Wine International by Suzie Paints.

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