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 Suzie Paints Services: Exterior Doors 

You make go in your home through a back door or garage door,
but keep an eye on your front door because THAT is what guests see!

                          front door painted in a lovely blue by: Suzie
It's especially important for you to have a NEW DOOR painted as soon as possible after it's installed so the door itself is protected from the sun and weather!

New doors usually come with a painting/staining requirement where you have 30-90 days to get the door 'protected' or you lose any warranty from the manufacturer.

However, if there are any manufacturing or installation defects with your door unit, you must have them addressed before finishing the door. Once paint or stain is applied, that door is YOURS!
                          Front door painted by suzie paints

While Suzie Paints is mostly an interior paint company, we do still paint doors on the exterior of your home.

New Front door stained by suzie paints
The tricky thing about painting doors is finding the 'sweet spot' in the weather for things to dry properly.

In your hurry to get your new door protected, remember there are temperature ranges for paints & primers so painting a door when the surface temperature is above 90F or below 50F will not allow the paint/primer to stick well and it won't last like you want it to!

Also, stained doors need to be re-varnished every 3-5 years (2-3 years if they are in direct sunlight a lot).
red double doors painted by suzie paints

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