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 Suzie Paints Services: Faux Finishes 

When you choose a faux finish, you truly get to make it unique by choosing both the style and colors YOU want instead of being limited to what's trendy this season.

A multi-color sponge faux used as an
                          accent wall.
It's true there are tons of options available with faux finishes but don't let them overwhelm you! Focus on what you like; forget the rest and let your imagination go! The faux finishes are another good opportunity to take advantage of our free color consultation (with signed contract) where Suzie helps you decide on the style and colors of the faux finish so you're not left to wade through all the options on your own! Check out some behind-the-faux-scenes photos HERE.
This shows a faux finish used as a border
                          around a room.

You can really get creative with the faux finishes by having the whole room fauxed, using the faux as an accent wall, or even as a border!

Another faux board showing how the same
                          faux would look over different colors.
We always make faux boards for you to actually see what your faux will look like before we ever create it on your walls. That way, you can move the boards around your space, you have the opportunity to see specifically what your faux will look like, and you can also have it changed if it's not what you envisioned. You can see the different faux looks on
                          the same sample board so our clients have

Faux finishes help to break up the solid look of your walls which will help hide bad repair jobs, imperfections or heavy use by kids, pets, and visitors.

Wallpaper doesn't play very nice with the
                          high humidity in a bathroom.

High humidity areas like bathrooms are not a good place for wallpaper but the faux finishes work quite well there!
Some benefits of having faux finishes instead of wallpaper:
  • the fauxs create far less mess than wallpaper when they are created, changed or removed.

  • they are available in any colors that paint comes in instead of being limited to this season's palettes and prints.

  • you can *see* when there is a repair needed more easily with a faux than with wallpaper.

  • fauxs work much better in 'wet' environments like bathrooms because they don't have the seams that can curl like wallpaper does.

  • fauxs work far better in accent walls and other areas than wallpaper does.
This shows that you can't see a lot of
                          the problems or repairs needed behind the

Areas where nobody could see the mold growing behind the wallpaper until the paper was removed!

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