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Feather Fauxs
      Feathering is an excellent technique that adds an accent color to an existing base color and can be applied as heavy or as light as you want.  This finish makes for great accent walls and is perfect for smaller spaces like hallways or bathrooms. This faux also works well to hide wall imperfections that you would see with just a solid paint color. A Feather Faux is great for people who want a subtle finish as well as people who want something more unique and imaginative than just a plain color.

The images on this page and their full-size versions are licensed under the Creative Commons License so feel free to use them but remember to give us credit.

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I'm a dark purple medium feather finish over a
                    lighter purple background.

Purple Flourish
I'm a silver feather heavy over a stunning
                    black background.

I'm a light pink feather medium over a darker
                    pink background.

Pinks On Parade
I'm an elegant gold feather medium over a white
                    feather medium on a blue background.

Blue Elegance
I'm a medium feather in red, orange, yellow,
                    green, blue and purple over a white background.

Color Flecks
I'm a dark green feather medium over a medium
                    green background.

Summer Moss
I'm a white feather medium over a medium purple

I'm a white feather light-medium over a black

I'm a cream feather over a mottled orange-brown

I'm a black feather medium over a split
                    background of hot pink and neon green.


I'm a black feather medium-heavy over a neon
                    green background.


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