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Combo Fauxs
     Combo Fauxs are a mix of two or more different faux techniques and multiple colors that help us create just the right look for you and your home. You are not limited to what colors or even what patterns are 'in season' at the moment when you choose a faux finish- you are the one deciding what is 'in season' and blazing your own decorating trail!
     We can take inspiration from anywhere- like a favorite painting, drapes, other decor items or even just a swatch of fabric- to help you create the perfect look you're craving.

The images on this page and their full-size versions are licensed under the Creative Commons License so feel free to use them but remember to give us credit.

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I am created by using a stripe faux where
                    alternating stripes are fauxed using a ragging
                    design instead of being painted a different color.

Grape Jelly Stripes
I am created by combining a ragging technique
                    and feathering technique.

Cool Whispers
I am created with a ragging faux in different
                    colors with an additional feather layer in gold.

Elegance in Blue
I am created by combining a sponging technique
                    in many colors and a feathering technique.

I am created by using a feathering and ragging

Rich Stone
I am created by using a feathering and ragging


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