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  • Suzie Paints does not sub-contract painting to others!  We pride ourselves on a high level of expertise, caring and attention to detail that just can't be achieved with sub-contractors.

  • When you meet someone from Suzie Paints for your estimate, the same person will be there on your job and all workers will be in a Suzie Paints uniform!

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  • Then when we show up at your home, the first thing we do is place drop cloths all the way from where we enter your home to the area we'll be painting- just to make darn sure that we aren't tracking anything through your home.

  • Next we drape the entire work area with plastic and drop cloths as necessary so all your nice things are protected. We don't believe in 'dripless' paint or 'being so good we don't need a drop cloth'- accidents do happen and a drop cloth prevents most of them.

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