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  • Every job begins with a free estimate where Suzie comes to your home, takes the necessary measurements/notes, and discusses what you're envisioning for your project in general and your preferred time frame.

  • To give you the most accurate estimate possible, we don't 'ballpark prices' over the phone or without seeing the job first and we do not waste your valuable time by immediately calculating your estimate at your home.

  • When your estimate is ready Suzie will call to give you the estimated price, answer any other questions you might have, arrange for a signed contract and deposit, then schedule your project in the agreed-upon time frame.

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  Combo Faux Finish Accent Wall by Suzie Paints 

  • You don't need to know the exact color(s) you want before you hire Suzie Paints. If you need some help working through color options to get the look you want, we're happy to help! Just let Suzie know you'd like a Free Color Consultation and she'll schedule it after you sign your contract.

  • We usually work one job at a time through to completion so we can give your project and your home the full attention they deserve.

  • For larger projects, we prefer to break it up into multiple contract phases because painting is more invasive than most people realize and sometimes you just need a little breathing room before you have us back in your home again.

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