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Turning Old Paint From Hassle To Helpful: Part 3
By: Suzie

Now that you've sorted your paints, determined the usability of the paints you're keeping and discarded your useless paints, it's time to label the remaining paints to help you stay organized and give you all the information you'll need in the future. (In case you've missed the previous parts, you can find them here: part 1 and part 2)

3. Properly labeling your current paints for maximum organization.

Labeling your remaining paints may seem tedious but it will help you immensely if anyone needs to get at them in the future. When it comes to paints, the more guess work you can remove the better. If your paints are all properly labeled, there is no reason for anyone to be touching up with the wrong color or sheen.

You also don't have to rely on the huge ugly drip marks left on the can to determine what the paint color is or where it goes.

Paint slopped down the side of the can
                    is a bad way to determine what color is in the can!
Paint slopped down the side of the can is a bad way
to determine what color is in the can.  It looks sloppy and unprofessional!

You'll want to get a black fine-tipped marker and lots of blank self-adhesive labels because some cans might require more than one label to get all the information on them. You'll be labeling each can with the following information: date the paint was used (month & year) and the part(s) of the room(s) where that particular paint is currently in use.

You're going to label both the top and the side of each can (assuming there's enough room; smaller cans make labeling harder) so you can get the important information easily no matter where the paint is stored. Sometimes you'll want to list out all the rooms if there are only a few (laundry, guest bath & living room walls) and sometimes just labeling it 'main floor walls' is enough. Putting the date on the can is extremely important. It aids determining usability later and gives you perspective on when you completed certain projects. Time really flies when you're focused on other things and sometimes that bathroom you painted 'just last year' was actually painted 8 years ago. Memories are faulty but the dates on the can are solid.

                    Paints labels all our paints for our clients to make
                    touchups and paint-matches easier!
Like on the top of the can, we write the date and location
in the home on the side of the cans to make identification easier!

Besides the date and the room(s) where the paints go, you'll also want to include the parts of the rooms where that paint was used: ceiling, trim, walls, accent walls, doors or closet to make sure whoever goes touching up the paint is using the right paint in the right place. Nobody wants a flat ceiling touched up with shiny trim paint just because both paints were white and someone didn't read the paint cans.

If you decide to put a color you've already used in a new room, make sure you add the second date and the new room parts to the labeling of the can so it reflects the current colors in your home. Also, if you use up the left-over paint and have to get more, make sure you label the new paint can with everything still relevant from the old labels. If you change the color in a room and there are still other rooms that are the old color, make sure to cross-out the newly-painted room on the label of the old color so the information is current and correct. All this labeling is very useful on the paints and is even more useful as notes in your binder since written notes are easier to update than going through your touch-up paints.

                    Paints Labels all the paint we use for our clients!
This is an example of how we label our paints.
Notice the date and the location in the home are on the label.

Side Note: If you've had Suzie Paints do your painting, then there's no need for you to check labeling on the paints we used. We make sure to label all the paints we use for you just so you don't have to do it! It's yet another way we at Suzie Paints show our caring and consideration for our clients and reaffirms our belief that painting should be fun for everyone.

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